Life moves at its own pace. With Microsoft Hyperlapse, your videos don't have to. Microsoft Hyperlapse is a new technology that creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from first-person videos using GoPro or any other camera. Microsoft's hyperlapse technology is built on more than 20 years of research in computational photography. Hyperlapse Pro version is for enthusiasts and professionals who want to use a Windows desktop application to hyperlapse videos they took with a GoPro or any other device.
Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for Windows
Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for Windows
Want to show your friends what you saw on that 12-mile hike you took last weekend or let them experience how it felt to fly down the mountain on your recent ski trip? With Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can time lapse those experiences, distilling them into easily consumable, enjoyable experiences.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro is a powerful desktop application to turn video from a GoPro or other device into a smooth, stable experience.

For professional shooters and serious video enthusiasts, Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro can create a hyperlapse using a Windows computer from video shot on any camera or device - including aerial footage shot with drones.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, which is available in free public preview, opens up possibilities that were previously difficult, if not impossible, for even serious filmmakers to achieve.

Main features:
+ Hyperlapse Pro Preview can take video from any camera and create a time lapse with a smoothly moving camera.
+ It works especially well with wide field of view action camera videos, such as GoPro.
+ Supports different speed up factors from 2x to 25x.
+ Hyperlapses can be output at different resolutions and framerates.
+ Takes advantage of multi-core CPUs and high-end GPUs for better processing speeds.
+ A step-by-step user interface makes it easier than ever to create hyperlpases.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro Preview works only with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1.
Minimum of 4GB of RAM (longer or higher resolution videos require more memory).
OpenGL 2.0 or newer graphics card for faster performance.