PC Companion is a collection of tools and applications you can use when you connect your device to a computer. Connect to your PC to sync, update, stay safe and more. PC Companion includes Media Go. Easy transfer to manage files, update and more.
SONY PC Companion
SONY PC Companion
Connect and sync your Sony Xperia smartphone using Media Go, PC companion or Bridge for Mac. PC Companion contains Xperia Transfer, a tool for moving content from your old phone to your new Xperia device.
PC Companion also offers device software updates, contacts and calendar management, and a backup and restore feature for your phone content (availability of applications depends on your phone and operator). You can also transfer and organize your media content using Media Go. Over time, more applications can be added and downloaded when made available by Sony.
Connect and stay in sync
Sony's computer application help you run your Xperia smartphone smoothly. Hook up your phone to a PC or Mac to transfer from an old phone to your new, manage your files, sync, update and more.
Manage your content
For PC owners, Media Go is the perfect way to manage your photos, videos, podcasts, music and more. And when you're up for something fresh, there's plenty to explore and discover. Keep it all organized and optimized for playback - on your computer or smartphone. Media Go is available via PC Companion.

Easy transfer
Your old smartphone is probably full of vital information - contacts, messages, bookmarks, music, photos, videos, and more. Sony's computer application include Xperia Transfer, which helps you to easily transfer the content from your old phone to your new Xperia smartphone. Xperia Transfer is also available as an app for transferring phone to phone.
Software updates 
Sony's software updates bring you performance improvements, better stability - and sometimes even new functionality and features. Connect your phone to your computer and update the easy way. Just let the computer application search for updates, and handle it all automatically.
Sync your devices
Stay on top of your schedule. Sync your calendar and contact list between your computer and smartphone.
Stay safe
Worried about losing it? Don't be. Backing up photos, music, contacts and more is easy as pie. You'll have it all safely stored on your computer.
-> Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Vista (32/64 bit) or Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or Windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bit)
*PC Companion is not supported on Windows RT
File size: 27 MB